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Research-Based Consultancy – Seminar on SSE

A seminar will be held for invited researchers and professionals April 26, 2016 at Stockholm School of Economics. The title of the seminar is “Research-Based Consultancy. A way to make Management Science more practically relevant and Management Practice more evidence based?“. The content will include:

– Embodiment of the Business Idea of SIAR (Bengt Stymne, Professor Emeritus of Organization Theory)

– Would the Research-Based firms have been more useful for their clients by acting more like the global leaders? (Tommy Bergkvist, PhD, Consultant and Contract Researcher, Former SIAR Partner)

– Would a Stockholm Research Institute, building on close links with research att SSE be a sustainable business idea similar to the one of SRI? (Andreas Werr, Professor and Head of the Deparment of Management at SSE).

The seminar will be followed by informal discussion to Refreshments provided by the SIAR Foundation.

Since 1989 numerous research programs have been completed thanks to financial support from SIAR. As part of these programs more than 50 books have been published as well as a great number of research papers and doctoral theseses.

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